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truSculpt is a non-surgical treatment that can remove unwanted body fat, tighten skin and reduce cellulite. By raising the temperature of the subcutaneous fat, the fat is programmed to end its lifecycle in an orderly fashion. As the fat cells complete their shut down process, the fat is released and excreted. truSculpt uses radio frequency (RF) energy to heat the skin and fat. The skin is protected by the design of the system so no skin burns occur. truSculpt uses a monopolar applicator which permits very uniform heating. Bipolar systems depend on the operator to move the hand piece slowly enough that appropriate heating occurs but quickly enough that intense discomfort or burning do not happen. truSculpt offers both safety and quality of treatment at the same time. Since heat is used, skin tightening also occurs. When used for cellulite treatment, a lower level of heat is required.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Barlow will discuss areas of concern and determine whether truSculpt is an appropriate treatment modality. At that time, a treatment plan will be created and recorded in your chart. Photographs will also be taken to document your "before" look.

During treatment, you will relax in a spa treatment room. Skin preparation is performed prior to applying the treatment head. The hand piece has a flat square or rectangular surface. It is placed against the skin to be treated with moderate pressure, and the heating begins. Each cycle takes just four minutes. As the temperature increases, the machine can be adjusted for temperature and how fast it increases to improve patient comfort. After the cycle completes, the applicator head is removed. The skin commonly has a pink color and is slightly warm to the touch. The color fades over a few minutes to an hour or two, depending on your skin.

There are no specific activity limitations after truSculpt. Minimal puffiness can occur but will quickly resolve. Visible bruising is not common. You are free to exercise the day of treatment. And activities are not limited by your treatment.

Post-treatment, you will be seen at intervals over the following four months. Some patients will require more than one treatment and additional treatment can be assessed after three to four months.

truSculpt has been a very gratifying procedure for both Dr. Barlow and his patients, especially for those patients who may not be good surgical candidates. Most patients are very pleased with the increased self-esteem they experience. Dr. Barlow looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your options. Call or e-mail today to schedule your appointment!

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