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CoolSculping is a non-surgical treatment that can remove unwanted body fat. By reducing the temperature of the subcutaneous fat, the fat is programmed to end its lifecycle in an orderly fashion. As the fat cells complete their shut down process, the fat is released and excreted.

During your consultation, you and Dr. Barlow will discuss areas of concern and determine whether CoolSculpting is an appropriate treatment modality. At that time, a treatment plan will be created and recorded in your chart. Photographs will also be taken to document your "before" look.

During treatment, you will relax in a spa treatment room. Skin preparation is performed prior to applying the treatment head. When the treatment starts, light suction gently pulls your skin into the cooling chamber. Active cooling is then applied. As your skin cools down, it will go numb. Some patients experience some tingling, but this quickly passes. Using the latest generation applicators, a typical treatment takes just 35 minutes to complete for most areas. After the cycle completes, the applicator head is removed. The subcutaneous fat is normally liquid, like oil. Immediately after treatment, it is more like a soft wax. Mechanical massage which the fat is still firm significantly increases the efficacy of treatment — as much as 70%. As the skin warms up, some tingling can again be present but quickly goes away.

There are no specific activity limitations after CoolSculpting. Some mild puffiness and soreness is not uncommon, and it may last a few days. This occurs because the mechanical massage causes some of the stiffened cells to rupture and the oils are somewhat inflammatory. Visible bruising is uncommon. You are free to exercise the day of treatment.

Post-treatment, you will be seen at intervals over the following four months. Some patients will require more than one treatment and additional treatment can be assessed after three to four months.

CoolSculpting has been a very gratifying procedure for both Dr. Barlow and his patients, especially for those patients who may not be good surgical candidates. Most patients are very pleased with the increased self-esteem they experience. Dr. Barlow looks forward to meeting with you and discussing your options. Call or e-mail today to schedule your appointment!

Fat-Freezing Fat Reduction Procedure | CoolSculpting

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